Nyannyan’s so nice, she won’t deny her autograph to fans even if she’s naked (¬‿¬)


Every comeback we gotta do this: 2014 Edition


Only thing worse than people calling Hyuna all sorts of misogynistic slurs is when they strip her of her agency saying “the company makes her do that stuff”.

What stuff? The stuff you wouldn’t bat an eyelid at if it was precious oppa writing around in bed with a girl or having half-naked ladies dance on them with props serving as less than veiled sexual innuendos? That sort of stuff?

Hyuna has written songs on her album since Melting and she has consistently said that for her, being sexy is one of her strengths and she embraces it with confidence. She has said it again and again and again and still you think she’s a victim. She is an active participant in the styling of her concepts and she finds nothing wrong with it.


You should be embracing and celebrating her strength to keep doing what she does working non-stop year after year despite the irrational hatred.

Instead, you paint her as this helpless child forced to do whatever the company says. First, she is 22 years old and therefore an adult fit to make her own choices. As a woman and as a fan of Kim Hyuna, I find that the biggest insult.

Do not paint her as someone who has no say in the matter. That is her hard work you refuse to acknowledge.

Do not slut shame a woman for being free to express themselves in the manner they choose. Would you like people to judge and insult you for what you wear, sing, dance, breathe like? You know your answer to that so please grow up.

"I miss you and I love you hyung

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